Effectiveness & mobilization

Composed with 60% of Methylene-urea, the Clean Fertilizer N28 allows a progressive release and a regular and extended nitrogen nutrition. Its total harmlessness provides an exceptional effectiveness during foliar use.

Corn production

Nitrogen mobilization

CF N28
Urea N46
Effectiveness test of the Clean Fertilizer on corn under controlled conditions, carried out by SADEF (2013).

Assimilation & bioavailability

The Clean Fertilizer N28 has a better assimilation and bioavailability with respect to traditional fertilizers. This bioavailability is made in synchronisation with the metabolic activity of the plant.

Apparent coefficient of use

Nitrogen bioavailability test carried out by SADEF (2013).

Phytotoxicity & burns

The Clean Fertilizer N28 does not cause burns nor phytotoxicity, thanks to its low biuret content and its low salt index.

Salt index


Effectiveness test of the Clean Fertilizer on a crop of wheat, carried out by the SADEF (2013).

Respect for the environment

The Clean Fertilizer N28 is totally free of nitrate and does not constitute a hazard for the groundwater. Thanks to its stickiness and wettability, losses due to leaching are limited. The Potentially Leached Nitrogen is « zero ».

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